Best Time To Book Flights In 2022


Even when the pandemic was at its peak, the airline industry in the US alone managed to generate over $130 billion in revenue. And that too, with a 49% decline in air travel in the year 2020, which is about 559 million passengers. All this was possible because people were not aware of the top secret way of booking flights. That’s why this article will enlighten you on the best time to book flights and save money.

Best Time To Book A Flight For Domestic Travels

We went on various flight booking sites to find out which day flight tickets are the cheapest. Here’s what we found!

Average Domestic Airfare Price By Day

This graph shows the best day to buy airline tickets. However, prices often fluctuate, so you might not find the exact same prices, but they will be similar.

Average Domestic Airfare Price By Day

Wednesday is the cheapest day to book flights throughout the week, followed by Thursday. But as we observed on the site, if you book your flight 4-5 months in advance, it gets even cheaper.

We concluded that it’s best to book flights 2-3 months in advance, rather than waiting till the last day when prices for flights skyrocket. Moreover, the destination and time of the year may also affect the prices. For example, if you are planning to travel in the holiday season, the prices will be high as there will be a lot of demand.

The Best Time to Book a Flight for International Travel

When it comes to international flights, it’s better to make the bookings sooner rather than later. Also, the prices for international flights are dictated by the destination and season.

Average International Airfare Price By Day

We dug deeper into various flight booking websites to find the best time to book a flight. Here’s what we found:

Average International Airfare Price By Day

Here we could find similar results to domestic flights, but there were too many variations. For instance, even though Wednesday prices are lower, predicting the cheapest price in a month is harder.

However, we found that booking a flight half a month in advance gives way better prices. But if you want it to be even cheaper, book your flights 2-3 months in advance. As you can see in the chart, flight prices in December are way cheaper than the current date.

The Best Time to Book a Flight for Summer Travel

As we slowly enter summer, people are starting to plan holidays and getaways to other countries or states. This shift in demand can show an upward trend in flight prices, so to find out the best time to book a flight for summer travel, we had to do some in-depth research.

As it turns out, the sweet spot for booking flights for summer holidays is 2 ½ months before departure. For example, if you book a round-trip flight to Spain from California on September 4th, it will cost you $900. Whereas, the same ticket costs $2,846 dollars in June, when this blog was written.

The Best Time to Book a Flight for Holiday Travel

The best time to book a flight ticket for this holiday season is 64 days before the departure date. But that doesn’t mean better prices won’t show up on other days. You should scour various flight booking sites to get the best price. The 64-day mark just means the best prices may show up around that day.

It might seem like Thanksgiving and Christmas are far away enough, but if you are planning to visit your grandmother in a different state, you will have to book your flight right away because a lot of people will have the same idea and the prices will increase. Start monitoring the booking prices and buy the tickets when you see a price you like.

How to save on Flight tickets?

The demand for flights has gone sky high as more and more people choose flights over other means of transportation. And consequently, the prices have also gone up. But not everyone is Elon Musk, so we have brought you these tips and tricks to help you save money on flight tickets:

  • The first tip is to start tracking flights way in advance to observe the price fluctuations. This way, whenever the price drops you can buy the tickets.
  • Next you should use Google Flights or Hopper to receive price change notifications.
  • Rather than booking flights from the companies’ websites, use flight booking sites like CheapOair, Hopper, SmartFares or Qatar Airways.
  • You could book a package deal, which means you can book a hotel alongside the flight tickets. Doing this will get you great deals and discounts.
  • In case you own a credit card, you must have accumulated some miles. It’s time to use those miles and save money on flight tickets.
  • Use the 24 hour rule to cancel your tickets in case there is a price drop.
  • Always compare different websites for prices.

The Best Strategies For Finding Cheap Holiday Airline Tickets

Having a clear idea of what you are going to do can bring clarity. But did you know? It can also help you get cheaper prices on flight tickets, but this requires a solid strategy. Don’t worry, we have got you covered on that front as well. Use this strategy to save money on your next trip.

  • First, you need to sign up for updates from Google Flights or some other site that sends you notifications when there is a price drop. This way, you don’t have to check prices every day, especially during holidays.
  • Now that you have signed up for updates, wait till you receive the best price, and once you find a price that you like, compare that price to other websites.
  • You can also consider traveling on holidays like Christmas, as on the actual date, people don’t like to travel which brings the prices down.
  • Now you are all set. Book your flight and start traveling.

Best Airline Services To Book Cheap Airline Tickets

Hoping you understand when is the best time to book a flight, let’s look at where you should book the flights. There are various platforms available for booking flights, but choosing the right one can help you get more discounts. So, here are a few websites with the best offers for you:

1. CheapOair

CheapOair is a well-known website where millions of people book their flights on a regular basis. The website has various features to help you find the right flight and also a place to stay. So, head on over to their website to book your next flight, and here are some CheapOair coupons to help you save money.

2. SmartFares

SmartFares is an all-in-one destination for traveling. Be it flight tickets or hotel room bookings, SmartFairs can help you plan your next trip with ease. And here’s some great news: get great deals with SmartFares discounts from GrabOn.

3. Qatar Airways

If you want to book flights directly from the company’s website, Qatar is a great option. They have an “explore” section where you can discover new places to visit and get information about tickets at the same time. And to make your next trip with them cheaper, here are some Qatar Airways deals.


Is there a best day to book flight tickets?
According to our research, Wednesday and Thursday have the cheapest flight prices of the week.

How far in advance should you book your flight?
It’s a great idea to book your flights 2-3 months in advance. Additionally, you can monitor the prices on different days to get the best possible price on your bookings.

Should I buy flight tickets individually or in a group?
It’s better to buy tickets individually because if you book all the seats at once, you will be paying the same amount for each seat. Whereas, if you buy tickets individually, you may get lower prices on some of the seats.

How to find out about unannounced sales for flights?
Airlines generally announce sales in advance, so you will have to start checking for sales in advance as well. For instance, the Christmas sale is live on CheapOair.

Has Covid affected the best time to buy airline tickets?
Initially, yes, but things have slowly come back to normal. But the next wave of Covid may also affect prices.

Which time to avoid booking a flight ticket?
The worst time to book flights would be last minute bookings, and our research showed that Sundays and Saturdays had the highest prices for flights.


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